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We created Harmony Studios with a very simple idea – to create a warm and inviting space in Downtown Willoughby, where yoga and pilates students, whether new or experienced, can explore and discover their own practice.
This exploration can take place at Harmony Studios, and our aim is to use our experience of practice and the insights that have come from it, to encourage, inspire, and support everyone who comes into it.
There is no view of yoga that predominates at Harmony Studios. We offer a wide variety of yoga styles and are dedicated to include instructors from a diversity of teaching backgrounds. This allows our students to have the opportunity to study with different instructors, experiment with different approaches and find the one that works best for them. It also allows yoga instructors to gain new experience and share the variety of ideas, wisdom, and practice with their students.
We hope that our studio will evolve and create a vision of a warm and inviting studio space, which will create a fluid community for yoga students and instructors, where people from different backgrounds will meet and make connections within themselves and to each other.
You are warmly invited to come and meet us!