Reiki (ray-key) is a natural technique for deep relaxation and stress reduction that promotes healing. When activated and applied through the “laying on of hands”, Reiki addresses body, mind and spirit.

The word Reiki consists of two Japanese words; Rei, which means higher knowledge and Ki, which means life force energy. Reiki can be defined as spiritually guided life force energy.


Reiki, a powerful but gentle energy, has been used to aid in healing virtually every known illness of body, mind and spirit.  It compliments modern medicine aiding in the healing process and helping to reduce the side effects of pharmaceuticals, chemo, and radiation therapy. Reiki offers a way of increasing a person’s energy while deeply relaxing them promoting a sense of wellbeing and supporting recovery.


Traditional Reiki Treatment


A light, hands on process whereby a Reiki practitioner transfers universal life energy to the client’s body and energy bio field. During a full body treatment healing Reiki energy is applied to areas of the head, upper body, back, legs and feet. The treatment is safe! Tissue is not manipulated and the client remains fully clothed. Because Reiki is guided by higher knowledge, it is always helpful and intelligent in treating the client appropriately. The client’s willingness and acceptance determines the progress that can be made in his or her own healing process.


Reiki Healing Attunement

A Reiki Attunement that is given for healing purposes is called a Reiki Healing Attunement. This attunement brings in high frequency healing energies, which are more powerful and effective than those given during a standard Reiki treatment.  If done prior to a Reiki treatment, it will make the aura more open and receptive, providing healing on deeper levels. The healing attunement also creates the opportunity for the client’s spiritual guides to work with him or her in a more powerful way by opening the them to their communication and insight. The healing attunement can be used to empower and achieve goals.


During the healing attunement it is possible to receive insight about the goal, if something needs to heal before it can be achieved and guidance in planning to attain the goal.  This attunement does not initiate the client into Reiki and can be done on anyone wishing to experience deeper levels of healing.  Combine a Healing Attunement with an Aura Clearing and a Standard Reiki treatment for the most powerful results.


Chakra Balancing


The Chakras are energy centers or vortexes within the human bio energy field and play an important part in maintaining our health and well being and in our ability to heal. Imbalances or blocks of negative energy can sometimes become lodged in the chakras and, if present, need to be released for healing to take place.  A healthy well-functioning chakra is open to take in the subtle energies and universal life force that surrounds us providing us with the frequencies of energy that we need to stay healthy on all levels.


During a Chakra Balancing Session, Tina will assess your chakras with a pendulum and then will clear, balance and energize them with Reiki. Afterwards, your chakras will be reassessed for optimal balance and openness. Expect to leave feeling clear, refreshed and in balance with your entire being.  Schedule your appointment with Tina by contacting the studio.


Aura Clearing

Aura Clearing is an Advanced Reiki Technique that allows you to take charge of your inner power and use it to heal.  One of the reasons that people are not in optimal health is because they have attracted, acquired, or created blocks to the flow of life force energy within themselves. These blocks are usually made of ideas, beliefs, and emotions that were once of use but have long since quite serving the person's well being. Blocks to the life force energy usually take on a particular shape and get lodged around the organs of the body, in your chakras or within the human bio energy field (aura). Aura clearing can be a useful tool in releasing blocks and returning to health healing physical problems, as well as emotional, relationship, addiction, and spiritual problems.

During an Aura Clearing Session you will work interactively with Tina to locate, describe and identify the blocks in your body or bio energy field, to learn any lesson the blocks may communicate, and then to release the blocks replacing them with the positive energy of Reiki. Aura Clearing, like all Reiki treatments, works in conjunction with regular medical or psychological care.



60 Minute Session $60
90 Minute Session $90 

TinaTina has been practicing Reiki since 2001 when she took her first Reiki Training with Sister Ann Winters of the Ursuline Sophia Center.  Since then she has completed Reiki Level 2, Advanced Reiki Training and Master Level trainings twice and has been a Teaching Master for over seven years.


During your Reiki treatment you will come to a state of deep relaxation and wellbeing in which stress melts away and your body-mind is opened up to its own healing potential.  Tina is passionate about the pure goodness of Reiki and deeply humbled and grateful for the opportunity to offer Reiki to anybody who wishes to experience its healing effects.

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