Erika Whites

Felicia Hilscher

Felicia fell in love with yoga in 2012 after she reached her breaking point battling pain from endometriosis. "I really started listening to my body during practices and was able to find a deep connection with my breath and movements. Now I listen to my pain, and instead of ignoring it and pushing it aside, I use it as my fire!" She loved classes that allowed her to create her own expressions and explore the practice further. This playful curiosity and respect for the practice itself brought her to Yoga Teacher Training under the instruction of Diana Vitantonio in Summer/Fall of 2016, in addition to guidance from a handful of yoga instructors in the Cleveland area (including many from Harmony Studios).

Felicia's classes are joyful, inspiring, and welcoming to all. She will guide you to finding your own breath and movements by using music and personal writings. In no time you will be calling your mat "home." See you there!