Natalie Lorber

Jessica Bonanno

With her natural warmth and sincerity, Jessica is skilled in guiding students to unwind sore necks, bad backs, and other ailments of our times, as well as guiding those who are chronically ill towards healing, offering a safe space for emotional transformation, and getting physically fit. Jessica uses intelligent sequencing, core strengthening, and breath work to guide yogis to their own healing, including learning to hear and trust their Inner Wisdom, both on and beyond the yoga mat. She brings her rare blend of compassion and genuine inquiry to each student, offering them the tools and space to have their own experience and develop their personal practice. A yogi for more than 15 years, Jessica is a registered yoga teacher who has completed two 200-hour teacher trainings. First certified as a vinyasa instructor through the Mindful Body in San Francisco in 2013, Jessica completed the Forrest Yoga Teacher Training with Ana Forrest in San Francisco in March 2015.

"My passion for yoga really took hold when I started experiencing its ability to heal injuries and ailments – mine and others’ – that traditional channels could not address. I practiced yoga for more than a decade, beginning in India, before I discovered its power to heal my bad knees, my grief, my unstable back and loose joints, and much more. In the past four years, developing a personal, daily yoga practice has been my mission, and I’m honored to share this yoga with all who are curious.”