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Natalie Lorber
Natalie has been a dedicated, passionate and joyful practitioner of Yoga for over 10 years. She is a graduate of T.R.Y. 4 Life Yoga Certification, a Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher and has dedicated her training hours to the very best... Johnny Kest and Diana Vitantonio.
"I have learned to use Yoga to enrich and accept all aspects of my life. My classes are balanced, energizing classes, which encourage effort and awareness and are sensitive to individual students' needs. I believe my passion and enthusiasm for Yoga and for my students is what drives us to grow and get to a deeper level together.”
Natalie enjoys teaching students of all abilities with a patient approach. She likes to guide her students towards a focused center of self-awareness, energy, and creativity. Natalie’s love of Yoga is infectious, challenging and energetic. Come join one of her Power Yoga classes today!
Molly Dindia
Molly has been a fitness professional & Yoga practitioner for six years. She graduated from Cleveland Yoga Teacher Training in early 2008. Cleveland Yoga's program is inspired by Baron Baptiste Power Yoga. Molly is a 200-hour level Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with the Yoga Alliance. In 2002, before discovering the abundant joys and benefits of Yoga, Molly became an ACSM certified Group Fitness Instructor, making the rounds of Northeast Ohio as an aerobics and group strength training instructor.
“I hope to convey the exceptional mind-body experience that is Yoga through my passionate teaching style. Health, healing, and self love are the major messages and tools I want to help students discover. In my classes, you will stretch, sweat and de-stress with fun yoga poses and good tunes.”
Tina DiCillo
Tina DiCillo is a RDH, ERYT 500, Reiki Master and Reiki Teacher. She has been an avid student of Yoga since the 1990’s. She took her first teacher training in 2001 and has continued to study with master teachers ever since. She is registered with Yoga Alliance at the Experienced 500-hour level.
In Tina’s classes and workshops you will find an emphasis on the essential alignment and the biomechanics of the pose. Most people carry some degree of misalignment in their bodies. The therapeutic practice of Yoga can help resolve these imbalances. Tina is passionate about helping others and thrilled to share her experience to help her students grow in their practice.
As a Reiki Master and Teacher, Tina brings her passion of helping others into the realm of energy healing. She teaches all levels of Reiki training and offers complete treatments, healing attunements and chakra balancing sessions.
Kristina Sevel
Kristina discovered her love for yoga in 2008 when a friend pulled her into her first class at Harmony Studios. Her practice deepened when a stubborn injury finally began to heal and as her practice became more focused she discovered the balance that yoga was bringing to all aspects of her life. She completed the Jivasara 200-hour certification program in the spring of 2011 with Marni Task. Kristina teaches a fun, upbeat Vinyasa Flow while creating a union between breath, movement and strength. Her classes encourage playfulness, enthusiasm and developing your own unique practice at every level. Kristina learns more each day from the wonderful mentors and students surrounding her.
Melanie Hale
Melanie fell in love with yoga in 2004 while searching for some peace and well-being in her life. After practicing regularly, she began to feel the healing effects of the practice. As her body, mind and spirit began to change, she decided that she wanted to share this gift with others. She completed the RYT 200-hour Yoga Certification with Todd Norian and Anne Green in 2012 and began spreading the joy of yoga so that others can feel the healing effects of this practice. Melanie's purpose as a Yoga instructor is to assist anyone in their journey of yoga through participation in her classes.
Dan Musgrave
Dan has spent over 10 years in the Martial Arts and 10 years in Yoga, and even holds a black belt in Is Shin Ru Karate! Dan’s path to teaching yoga began at Cleveland Yoga as a teacher’s assistant. He soon after became certified to teach yoga under the direction of Marni Task.
Dan’s teaching style includes aerobic Vinyasa Yoga. His classes focus on breathing, meditating, and working the body to its fullest potential. Dan is a Certified Respiratory Therapist who combines this training with traditional yogic science and philosophy.
Erika Whites-Acquaviva
Erika’s classes grant you freedom. Freedom to be who you are, where you are, in complete acceptance. Her lyrical style encourages foundational growth, challenge, and laughter.

Erika’s music will leave you with a tune in your heart and a smile on your face (especially her fondness of acoustic remakes of R&B classics). Join her for Tuesday 6 AM Hour of Power and Sunday 845 AM Power Basics.

She will walk next to you on your Yoga journey… We are all eternal students.
Reid Patterson
Reid started practicing Yoga in 2008 as a way to stay limber during the winter. He soon learned that there was so much more to Yoga than just stretching in different animal poses. As he progressed in his practice, he discovered what Yoga could do for his mind, body and soul and wanted to teach others in the hope that they might discover the same.
In 2012 he studied with Diana Vitantonio to obtain his 200-hour certification, but also considers Natalie Lorber and Molly Dindia two instrumental teachers for him.
“In the laboratory I study how materials flow. On my mat I study how the body, mind, spirit and energy flow.”
Dawn Manning
Dawn became passionate in her yoga practice in 2005 while going through some major changes in her life. She began an avid practice schedule following many favorite instructors. She felt inspired over the years by Marni Task and that eventually led her to her training in 2012. She completed her 200-hour certification with Jonny Kest in Michigan.

Her passion now is leading students through a breath focused, live in the heart life power yoga or slow burn class. You can expect to have fun playing and flowing on your own at some point in her classes with the music cranked! She encourages students to follow their breath and their intuition, always listening to their bodies and following that which resonates within them. Dawn╩╝s power yoga classes will open your heart and mind with inspiration, flow and great music! She has a deep yearning for bringing all that her experience has done for her to each and every one of her students. She believes you are capable of anything... you only have to believe and let go for things to fall into place. She brings this feeling to the mat.

Dawn is also a raw food educator and certified detox specialist. She is a raw food advocate and also offers workshops on raw vegan living and detox cleanses. You can check out recipe demos on her You Tube channel at: Doin it Raw With Dawn.
Michael Jones
Michael has been practicing yoga since 2005. Incredibly talented and dedicated teachers aided Michael in his yoga journey; but he feels particularly fortunate to have received his 200-hour certification from Diana Vitantonio and Soul Activists in 2012. Michael then completed a 200-hour course with Sandy Gross, Baptiste assisting training, and other continuing education courses.
Sharing yoga with others is a gift for which Michael is humbled and grateful. In his class, you will be challenged and supported in both mind and body, and encouraged to inquire and explore the limits of your practice. Michael’s calming voice will guide and challenge you through thoughtful vinyasa sequences reinforced by breath & alignment cues and supportive assists.
Michael’s goal is to enable each student to mature his or her practice to that place where yoga transcends the studio and permeates life: a life with a calm mind, a full heart and a free spirit. He believes that the most important yoga practice is what we do with the 23 hours of the day we are not on our mats. When not practicing yoga, you can find Michael in his workshop building furniture or off riding something on two wheels.
“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” – Ghandhi
Darlene Kelbach
Darlene aims to nourish and nurture in her yoga as well as her nutrition classes. She encourages students to slow down and become aware in her Gentle Yoga classes. She offers modifications with props to support injuries and healing. Her classes are great for beginners because she also focuses on alignment. Throughout her classes, Darlene enjoys sharing inspirational messages and affirming words.
Darlene also loves teaching yoga to children and has led Kids' Yoga and Family Yoga classes. These are fun and lighthearted classes to introduce the benefits of yoga early in life and generate bonds between family members that practice together. Darlene sings songs in these classes that she has written to help teach yoga. She has found that children learn quickly and easily when music is incorporated. Her album is entitled, “Children’s Yoga Songs for the Classroom” – use it at the studio, in the classroom or at home!
With yoga, Darlene blends teaching about healthy eating though plant-based nutrition and periodically hosts Taste & Digest Workshops. She received her Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies in June 2014 and has been a Certified Yoga Teacher since 2007. Overall, her desire is to teach and promote love, health and optimal well-being for each individual as well as the community and planet.
Jessica Bonanno
With her natural warmth and sincerity Jessica is skilled in guiding students to unwind sore necks, bad backs, and other ailments of our times, as well as guiding those who are chronically ill towards healing, offering a safe space for emotional transformation and getting physically fit. Jessica uses intelligent sequencing, core strengthening, and breath work to guide yogis to their own healing, including learning to hear and trust their Inner Wisdom both on and beyond the yoga mat. She brings her rare blend of compassion and genuine inquiry to each student, offering them the tools and space to have their own experience and develop their personal practice.
A yogi for more than 15 years, Jessica is a registered yoga teacher who has completed two 200-hour teacher trainings. First certified as a Vinyasa instructor through the Mindful Body in San Francisco in 2013. Second, Jessica completed the Forrest Yoga Teacher Training with Ana Forrest in San Francisco in March 2015.
"My passion for yoga really took hold when I started experiencing its ability to heal injuries and ailments – mine and others’ – that traditional channels could not address. I practiced yoga for more than a decade, beginning in India, before I discovered its power to heal my bad knees, my grief, my unstable back and loose joints, and much more. In the past four years, developing a personal, daily yoga practice has been my mission, and I’m honored to share this yoga with all who are curious.” 
Sara Wank
Sara’s love for dance, movement, anatomy, and kinesiology is what brought her to her first Yoga class in 2005. She has found an art form in the many styles of Yoga throughout her years of practice, especially in Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Anusara, Jivamukti, and Satyananda.
She received her 200-hour Teacher Training in 2012 through Marni Task’s Jivasara training and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Lake Erie College where her studies were focused in Anatomy, Kinesiology, Pilates, Wellness, and Sports Nutrition.
Carleen Vitalone
Carleen has been practicing dance and fitness classes for a number of years now. In addition to dance, she's been teaching Zumba for over four years after receiving her instructors certification in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has recently obtained her BUTI Yoga certification.
Zumba is a Latin inspired, easy to follow, calorie burning, dance fitness party! Carleen has gained such a passion for dance over the years by not only practicing dance, but instructing it as well. "Zumba gives me the power to relieve my daily stress and express all of my inner emotions." Join her in one of the most exciting workout flows you will ever encounter. Get your dancing feet ready!
Dave Wank
Dave began his yoga practice in 2006 as a way to supplement training for ultra endurance running events. He soon realized that the practice was so much more than a means to cross train. Yoga offered a complete mind/body maintenance tool that was perfect for repairing the inflexibility and muscle imbalance that ultra running had caused.
Dave enjoys many forms of yoga including Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Anusara, Forrest, and Jivamukti. His classes are light-hearted but challenging with an emphasis on strength and alignment. He received his 200-hour teaching certificate in 2012 through Marni Task’s Jivasara Training and holds a Master’s Degree in Education from Kent State University.
Sarah Kinches
Sarah fell in love with Yoga in 2013, but it wasn’t necessarily love at first sight. After a disastrous first class, she swore she would never go back. “I was terrible. Clumsy, inflexible, and certainly not calm. I was so uncomfortable in my own skin, I thought, this was just not for me.” After a few more failed attempts, she finally found what she was looking for during a class at Harmony Studios. Since that moment, she has dedicated herself fully to the practice. In 2015 she decided to take that dedication a step further and enrolled and graduated from Cleveland Yoga’s 200-hour Teacher Training program. As a registered teacher with the Yoga Alliance, Sarah loves attending workshops and intensives that increase her knowledge and better both her teachings and her practice.
Sarah’s teaching style is heavily influenced by her Ashtanga Yoga practice and her classes are often centralized around focusing on breath with movement. You may find yourself holding poses longer than you are used to so that you can delve into what Sarah refers to as a “moving meditation.” Coming into the asana, finding your alignment, and then finding your breath. Syncing the two together has been key in advancing her practice and also in helping her find a sense of calm on and off her mat.
Kanela Booker
Kanela's journey in yoga began after the break-up of a long-term relationship in 2008. "It is funny how relationship break-ups initially seem to be tragic events, but can be used to bring about change and redemption as a person seeks emotional healing!" With a strong desire to find independent happiness and grow closer to God, she was introduced to yoga. After 2 years of consistent yoga practice, Kanela completed 200 hour yoga teacher training at Pink Lotus yoga studio in July of 2015.
The message that she speaks through yoga stems from my her experience and focuses on personal empowerment, self-worth, surrendering to God and living in strong faith and will. She is also quite passionate about demystifying yoga and increasing its accessibility to urban and underserved populations.
Juline McDaniel
Juline (CYT-200) discovered yoga through the encouragement of friends and was immediately addicted by the benefits and challenges of her practice. Deeply grateful for the wisdom her inspirational teachers have imparted, she seeks to help others thrive by nurturing body and mind with yoga.

Juline provides a genuine, non-judgmental environment while teaching various yoga styles. Her classes are strong, lighthearted and compassionate, believing that yoga is accessible to everyone and that regular practice can elicit profound changes in mind and body. She invites students to become aware of the power of the breath and to find their edge by being present to their thoughts and emotions.
Hallie Crow
Hallie has been practicing yoga since 2012. After a serious injury, yoga helped her get back on track with her physical, mental and spiritual well-being. "After taking my first class at Harmony when I was 15 years old, I felt amazing and haven't stopped coming since!" The refreshing and genuine feeling each teacher left with her made Hallie decide to share this feeling with students of her own. She found her passion for teaching at The Ohio State University while teaching at the recreation facility. Hallie decided to continue her training and obtained her 200-hour Certification through Cleveland Yoga. She is looking forward to sharing her light, love and passion as a teacher at Harmony Studios!
Jenifer Ezell
Jenifer was given the gift of yoga in 2011. She was searching for a way to deal with chronic pain, stress and anxiety. After coming to Harmony Studios, she quickly found the solution to the battle she had been fighting tirelessly for years. As her practice evolved she knew she wanted to help others the way her teachers had for her. In May of 2016, Jenifer traveled to Costa Rica to immerse herself in learning under the tutelage of international yogi Banyan Gallagher and received her 200-hour RYT from Warrior One.
"I want to create a welcoming environment where people feel free to explore the beautiful journey of yoga and self discovery in a caring, judgment free space."
Angie Vodopivec
I started my practice in 2010 at Harmony Studios looking for a low impact activity to compliment a healthier diet and lifestyle. Yoga was the answer. I quickly realized all the tremendous benefits of yoga as it fed my mind, body and spirit in ways I never imagined it could. I've been inspired by the teachings of Natalie Lorber at Harmony Studios all these years, and I completed my 200-hour Teacher Training through Cleveland Yoga under Tami Schneider, Lisa Davis and Sophia Chang in 2014.
Outside of yoga, I am a Sales Leader and Coach at Citizens Bank, a mom to my 16 year old son, Owen, and wife of 17 years to my husband and rock, Pete. I am passionate about sales, yoga, fashion and travel, as well as giving back to those in need. I believe that consistency and process are the keys to achieving any goal, on or off the mat, as my practice is proof of that! Yoga has given me strength, confidence, and balance beyond what I ever expected and I can't wait to share all the amazing benefits with you. Come flow with me!
Felicia Hilscher
Felicia fell in love with yoga in 2012 after she reached her breaking point battling pain from endometriosis. "I really started listening to my body during practices and was able to find a deep connection with my breath and movements. Now I listen to my pain, and instead of ignoring it and pushing it aside, I use it as my fire!" She loved classes that allowed her to create her own expressions and explore the practice further. This playful curiosity and respect for the practice itself brought her to Yoga Teacher Training under the instruction of Diana Vitantonio in Summer/Fall of 2016, in addition to guidance from a handful of yoga instructors in the Cleveland area (including many from Harmony Studios).
Felicia's classes are joyful, inspiring, and welcoming to all. She will guide you to finding your own breath and movements by using music and personal writings. In no time you will be calling your mat "home." See you there!
Maria Oriti
Maria initiated a steady yoga practice since 2008 while serving as a “Desk Yogi” at Harmony Studios, determined to get as many free classes as she clocked hours in exchange. She has always found physical movement to provide an outlet for self-exploration and expression, as often experienced throughout her background in dance and performance.
Her passion for Yoga grew from recognizing this connection and the effect it has to improve one’s sense of well-being and manage pain. She received a certification at the 225-hour level with Yoga Alliance from Spyngaflows in Cleveland Heights. Her classes aim to direct the benefits of yoga in an accessible way for any body type. While guiding you to discover awareness of your alignment and encouraging you to find stillness through breath, she sets the tone for positive reflection so that you may be rewarded by your own personal growth, capability and power as you practice.

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