Jenifer Ezell

Jenifer was given the gift of yoga in 2011. She was searching for a way to deal with chronic pain, stress and anxiety. After coming to Harmony Studios, she quickly found the solution to the battle she had been fighting tirelessly for years. As her practice evolved she knew she wanted to help others the way her teachers had for her. In May of 2016, Jenifer traveled to Costa Rica to immerse herself in learning under the tutelage of international yogi Banyan Gallagher and received her 200-hour RYT from Warrior One.
"I want to create a welcoming environment where people feel free to explore the beautiful journey of yoga and self discovery in a caring, judgment free space."

Jenifer Ezell instructs the following:
  • Hour of Power Yoga
  • This is a 60-minute Power Vinyasa class. Be prepared to break a sweat as the studio is set to 90 degrees. The deeper your connection of movement and breath becomes, the more the heat begins to build inside you as opposed to around you; leaving you fully charged and present in each pose. Practicing in a heated environment increases your flexibility as it opens and loosens your muscles. Bring a towel and water bottle in with you, both of which we have available for sale at the studio
    *The heat is not for everyone and can be overwhelming at times/upon your first visit. Listen to your body! Exit the class at any time if need be and a desk yogi will be there if you need anything.
    Suitable for intermediate yogis; some prior yoga experience recommended. / Balancing classes: Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Deep Stretch Vinyasa 

  • Vinyasa Yoga - All Levels (Light Heat)
  • Welcoming students of all levels, this 75-minute class is based on linking your breath with your movement, leaving you energized and focused throughout. Vinyasa classes are richly infused with classical yoga teachings such as sun salutations, basic inversions and back-bends along with pranayama and light meditation to tame the mind and open the heart. The room will be moderately heated between 75-78 degrees. Bring a towel and water bottle in with you, both of which we have available for sale at the studio.

    Suitable for all levels: some yoga experience recommended but not mandatory. / Balancing classes: Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Deep Stretch Vinyasa


  • Andrews Osborne Academy
  • Yoga @ AOA for staff

  • Candlelight Gentle Yoga
  • Our Gentle Yoga class invites you to enter the inner realm of freedom from stress, tension, mental and physical discomforts, and freedom from competition with others! Whether you are a beginner or experienced student, this is a perfect class to pause, breathe, and be present. With a slower flow, this class allows the instructor to place emphasis on stretching and coordination of breath with simplified asana, also focusing on feeling sensations and listening to the body. Busy minds and tight or tense bodies strongly welcomed.
    *Morning Gentle classes will be accompanied with the day’s sunshine and a more active flow than evening classes.

    Suitable for all levels. Beginners welcome! / Balancing classes: Vinyasa – All Levels, Power Vinyasa, Hour of Power

  • Kids Yoga
  • Open up your children to the wonderful world of yoga at an early age! Our KY instructor Jen is deeply passionate about bringing the healing aspects of yoga to the youth. This class is an adventure in movement, giving them the opportunity to cultivate body awareness, mindfulness and engage in meditation. Your little ones will be guided through one hour of some basic asanas and wrap up each class with a group craft. Breathing techniques will be incorporated to pair with physical movement, encouraging our young yogis to focus on and call attention to their still and quiet selves. They'll learn the foundations of yoga and begin to understand a practice that fosters playfulness, confidence and balance.

    Suitable for all levels of mini yogis. Ages 3+ welcome!